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Boutique Proweb Store Launches the Bosse Viola Leblanc Website

Boutique ProWeb Store has successfully taken Bossé Viola LeBlanc online. The new website has facilitated Bossé Viola LeBlanc with an opportunity to offer their legal assistance and to reach out to residents of the New Brunswick area who are seeking legal advice. Through the new Bossé Viola LeBlanc website, people can now contact the firm for their free initial consultation. Bossé Viola LeBlanc approached the Boutique ProWeb Store to assist them in establishing their online presence. “They wanted us to make it easy for their clients to know about their firm and give their clients the ability to approach them before stepping into their office,” says Jean Cormier, General Manager of Boutique ProWeb Store. Understanding the importance of having a French version of this website, B....Read More