About Us

Powered by MaaS Pros, Boutique ProWeb Store.ca is a team of professionals who offer high end website development and web marketing solutions.

We believe we have the best professional programmers and marketers in the business.

We know the “Rules of the Web” and respect them.

When you need us online, we are there in real time. We don’t build and run.
When you succeed, we succeed. We are partners in your progress.
We expect that you would operate your online business as graciously and efficiently as your face-to-face business. We will help you capture your clients’ attention, gain their trust and build lasting relationships.

At Boutique ProWebstore.ca, we blend expert web development services with an intimate knowledge of the region we serve. We understand the uniqueness of businesses and the importance of translating their expertise to the world. Our account team is rooted in the culture of eastern Canada and our combined experience at creatively doing business here adds up to more than 120 years.

Award Winning Online Marketing Services

If you can think it, Boutique ProWeb Store.ca can do it.

We will code the seemingly impossible, find solutions that make your work easier, and stay with you online, all the time.

We offer profitable digital marketing solutions, ecommerce and customized and updated content and weekly blogs.

Our packages includes domain registration, search engine optimization, social media marketing, web analytics and mobile compatibility.

We will nurture your website as an essential component of your growing business and ensure that it is compatible with your goals. We will not let it become static.

Most importantly, we understand that websites don’t work when they are built and forgotten. We stay with you as a vital partner in your growth strategy, helping you adapt and mold your website to your goals.

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