Boutique ProWeb Store Launches a New Website for J.Williamson Engineering Inc.

Boutique ProWeb Store by MaaS Pros has launched a new website for J.Williamson Engineering Inc.  - Online visitors to the new website can expect to experience a more professional look and feel with seamless navigation to assist users with learning more about the services offered by J.Williamson Engineering Inc. J Williamson Engineering Inc. provides professional engineering consulting services, including lightning performance mitigation, grounding system design and field-testing. John Williamson, owner of J Williamson Engineering Inc. has over 30 years of experience and needed an online presence that will display the company’s experience, professionalism and expertise. The Boutique ProWeb Store by MaaS Pros assisted J.Williamson Engineering Inc.with c....Read More

Boutique ProWeb Store launches the Masitek Instruments Inc.

Boutique ProWeb Store proudly launches a new website for Masitek Instruments Inc. today. The goal of Masitek offers state of the art, real time wireless detection and reporting technologies designed to immediately identify and quantify damage to fragile goods in production, packaging and distribution systems. Apart from offering service to local handlers and manufacturers in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries, Masitek is all set to help their customers online as well. The Boutique ProWeb Store assisted Masitek Instruments Inc. with a custom, cutting edge website that will help them display their unique product line effectively to their consumers with a focus on website conversion and optimization. The main intention is to highlight the exclusivity of the p....Read More

The Importance of Local SEO

For small businesses, managing their budget for SEO strategies can be quite challenging. In the current market, small businesses will have to compete with the high cost SEO strategies, consumer affinity, brand recognition and the prestige of larger brands to find a position in the search engine. If you are a small business owner, it does not mean that you cannot rely on organic search as an inbound marketing tool to fetch higher returns. To compete with big brands in the market, you need to have an SEO strategy that helps your business to offset the huge difference in budget spent for marketing. As it may not be possible for you to outspend your larger counterparts to capture consumer’s attention through the media, you need to go for a refined and targeted approach. As big brands ....Read More

Boutique ProWeb Store Launches a New Website for Scotian Materials

Boutique ProWeb Store launches a new website for Scotian Materials in Nova Scotia today. The goal of Scotian Materials is to help local road builders and contractors develop communities by building roads, schools, hospitals and other community infrastructure.The new website has given Scotian Materials an opportunity to increase its online presence to the large internet population all across Nova Scotia. Apart from offering help to local road builders and contractors, Scotian Materials is all set to help their customers online as well. Scotian Materials Ltd. approached Boutique ProWeb Store by MaaS Pros to assist them in establishing their online presence. “They wanted to us to make it easy for potential roadbuilders and contractors to learn more about their products, excellent service....Read More

Importance of Good Website Design

The internet has now become a common place where people research products, make purchases and even get directions. As businesses started recognizing the need of having a great business website, there has been a huge surge in developing an effective web presence. An effective web presence helps in building visitors trust to ensure they keep coming back to your site. Having a dynamic website that not only looks good but functions the way users are looking for, will help your business on many levels. To Decrease Bounce Rate: Having a high bounce rate means website visitors are landing on your website and leaving immediately. This can be the case for many reasons – lack of calls to action, slow site loading speed, lack of flow on the website and many more. A great website desig....Read More