Boutique ProWeb Store launches the Alma City Club Website

Boutique ProWeb Store launches a new website for Alma City Club in Moncton, New Brunswick today. The new website has given the Alma City Club an opportunity to extend its membership to the large population all across New Brunswick through the Internet. Apart from offering a membership to people who walk-in to the club, the Alma City Club is all set with its new website to welcome members online as well.

The Alma City Club is an exclusive club for business and professional executives with privacy as the primary benefit for professionals to meet without worrying about being overheard. Another benefit is networking and a place to go and expect to find friends for conversation and to enhance personal and business relationships.

The Alma City Club approached the Boutique ProWeb Store by MaaS Pros to assist them in establishing their online presence. They wanted to us to make it easy for potential customers to learn about what 114 Alma Club has to offer to the business community of New Brunswick.

The Boutique ProWeb Store assisted the Alma City Club with creating a customized design and dynamic banner to highlight the exclusivity of the club. We also created a matching Facebook page for the club to welcome members through their Facebook page as well. We have also included a Facebook Like button at the footer of every page of the website to allow customers to express their like for the Alma City Alma Club and post reviews.

About Boutique ProWeb Store by MaaS Pros

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