Boutique ProWeb Store Launches the Vinvox Website

Boutique Proweb Store has successfully launched the Vinvox website today. The new website has given Vinvox the opportunity to help their automotive industry clients in New Brunswick all around the world through the Internet. Through the Vinvox website, people can even request for a demo by simply filling in the Request a Demo form.

Vinvox has developed telematics applications to help the automotive industry secure customer loyalty, win new business and make informed strategic decisions based on accurate real-time data. Vinvox also provides vehicle owners with the ability to conveniently manage the maintenance of their vehicle and monitor its status and history using Vinvox’s technologies.

Vinvox was looking for an all-around solution to help brand their business, increase awareness about their technologies and explain the benefits and advantages to its target market. This custom website has a unique design meant to display the various technologies that Vinvox has to offer in an easy to use and intuitive design for Vinvox’s website visitors.

Testimonial from the Client:

“MaaS Pros provided our organization with a professional looking website that met all our expectations. Faced with very tight deadlines and a commitment to develop a brochure in addition to our website, MaaS Pros really delivered. The creative design and efficient implementation of content made it a pleasurable experience as a customer. Accessible well outside normal business hours, their team was responsive and knowledgeable. The SEO package that was implemented produced results immediately. I would highly recommend MaaS Pros, and will certainly reach out to them for future projects,” says Marco B. of Vinvox.

About Boutique ProWeb Store by MaaS Pros

Boutique ProWeb Store, located in Moncton, New Brunswick has been assisting businesses with implementing profitable and measurable online solutions in the areas of website design, SEO, social media marketing. At Boutique, we blend expert web development services with an intimate knowledge of the region we serve. We understand the uniqueness of Atlantic Canadian businesses and the importance of translating their expertise to the world. Our account team is rooted in the culture of eastern Canada and our combined experience at creatively doing business here adds up to more than 120 years.