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Social Media as a Customer Service Tool

Many small, medium and large businesses are using social media to increase brand awareness, help increase reputation, web traffic, sales and leads. Social Media has become an essential part in online marketing strategies of many businesses. One significant component of social media is its ability to provide customer service. Even now, many do not realize that social media platforms can be used to engage with customers and provide customer service. According to Ragan/NASDAQ OMX Corporate Communications, 38% of businesses give preference to customer service in their social media goals. In addition, 87% of businesses use social media as a platform to increase the reach of their products and services. The top reason why businesses use social media is to increase their brand awareness. Increas....Read More

Importance of Online Marketing

In layman’s terms, online marketing is all about promoting and selling brands, products and/or services through online mediums.With people spending majority of their time online, businesses must get into online marketing to attract more leads rather than losing them to competitors. Online marketing overrides traditional marketing in its efficiency as it enables you to analyze the success of marketing campaigns in real time. In this type of marketing, the marketer monitors things like what content is being viewed, how long and how often it is being viewed, their sales conversions and also about the content which works and which do not. This helps businesses to keep their website up to date and in the way that people like to view it. Why Online Marketing? Online Marketing is so p....Read More